The department has a team of specialised teachers:-

Mr D. O’Neill – Head Of Department
Mrs. K. D’Arifat – Teacher of Food Technology and Religious Education
Mrs. M. McMiken – Teacher of Food Technology
Mr. P. Seddon – Teacher of Resistant Materials/Graphic Products/ Electronics
Mrs. V. Rowley – Teacher of Resistant Materials/Graphic Products
Miss. S. Gonzales – Technician
Mrs. B. Smith – Technician


The Design and Technology Department aims to provide a stimulating learning environment where students have the opportunity to work in a safe, creative manner to fulfil their potential. Students’ self-confidence is enhanced by engaging in problem-solving tasks. All students are encouraged to develop their practical skills to the highest standard across the department.

Learning and Teaching

The Technology Department offers Graphic Products, Product Design, Resistant Materials, Electronics and Hospitality and Catering at GCSE level. For example, in Graphic Products, candidates are encouraged to design and make products using a range of graphic and modelling materials.

Product Design uses a range of materials such as paper/card, plastics, textiles, ceramics, timber-based materials and ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

Resistant Materials uses wood, plastics and metal. In addition, students are encouraged to incorporate new technologies in the production of their Design and Technology products.

In Electronics, students investigate, design, document and build their own circuits using discrete components and micro-controllers.

Hospitality and Catering allows students to learn about food, drink and accommodation. During the course, students will experience working with food as well as increasing their knowledge of diet, nutrition, healthy eating, food chain principles, good hygiene and safety.

Enriching learning

The Technology Department is involved in the ‘Wigan Scholarship Pilot’. This is a ‘STEM’ (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) project aimed at Year Nine students who have a strong interest in the Engineering and Science sector and wish to take part in a project alongside local businesses. The students work on a research and practical project which is presented at the Big Bang exhibition.

The department has links with an ‘ambassador’ who visits the school to work with students in Technology lessons to advise, inspire and motivate young people in Technology and Engineering subjects.

Lunchtimes and after-school are an opportunity for students to work on extra-curricular projects in the workshops and to make use of machinery such as the laser cutter.

Trips to local Industry have included a visit to Leyland Daf as part of a government initiative to promote careers in manufacturing.

Lower and upper school have the option of enrichment activities outside lesson time. Current tasks involve the investigation of social and environmental issues and ethical design.

The food department offers a range of enrichment opportunities for the students.

In Key Stage Three:

Creativity days in Year Seven:
• Students have the opportunity to explore and sensory-test a range of multi-cultural foods.

Inter form challenges in Year Eight include:
• ‘The Great Bake Off’ scone baking challenge for staff and pupils.
• ‘The Junior Apprentice team challenge’ to create a rainbow kebab.
• ‘The Fisher Factor’ creative writing challenge relating to a food product.

In Key Stage Four:
• All Hospitality and Catering students have the opportunity to gain a Basic Food Hygiene Certificate.
• ‘Chef in residence’ linking primary school children and parents to engage in cooking on a budget. Sponsored by Morrisons supermarket.


Key Stage Three is delivered on a termly basis. Pupils are assessed by the teacher on their knowledge and skills as well as peer and self-assessment. Progress results are recorded and reported also on a termly basis.

At GCSE, all Technology courses are assessed by a range of practical and written assignments with a final written examination at the end of Year Eleven

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