Teaching & Learning

Learning as a community in Christ.

As a learning community we live out our mission statement and strive for excellence in all aspects of teaching and learning.

At Saint John Fisher we are seeking to establish a consistent approach by all members of the school community that will ensure that students are taught in a stimulating, engaging and challenging environment; creating resilient and independent learners. We want our students to enjoy and thrive in a learning environment where they receive outstanding opportunities.

The best quality teaching and learning is what we strive for in our school. It is expected that staff plan imaginative and engaging lessons which are tailored and differentiated to meet the needs of different groups of learners in their classes. The school works hard to ensure that the most able are stretched and the least able fully supported so that all students can exceed their potential.

The opportunity for staff professional development, debate and sharing good practice is crucial to effective teaching and learning at Saint John Fisher. We encourage staff to take an active lead in researching and delivering INSET and learning programmes. The teaching and learning group informs, delivers and guides the teaching and learning agenda throughout the school.

We believe that good outcomes are directly related to positive relationships between students, parents and staff.

Teaching & Learning Policy

Teaching & Learning Triads – Learning Reflection Process

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Teaching & Learning Bulletins

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Teaching & Learning Agenda Minutes

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Year 7 Teaching and Learning Evening

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Latest News

1609, 2019

Kieron’s summer volunteering work

Year 10 student Kieron spent four weeks of his summer holidays helping out at One Vision Media Production Group with a boxing project. One Vision is a non-profit group which provides training courses for people with learning disabilities in all aspects of media production. One of their training courses is [...]

1309, 2019

Year Seven Mass

Today the whole of Year 7 came together to celebrate Mass for the first time at a year group. Fr Simon from Animate said the Mass and paused at various point to explain some of the reasons behind the words and actions. It was a wonderful occasion to celebrate our [...]

1209, 2019

Peer Mentors at Uni

A group of our students visited Bolton University with Miss Melling and Mrs Collins, as part of the SJF Stars Peer Mentoring Programme. They took part in a photo challenge around the campus with ambassadors from the university, had the opportunity to challenge themselves and face their fears on the [...]

909, 2019

Year 7 Mass of Welcome

Year 7 Mass of Welcome: Friday 13 September 2019 at 9.15am We would like to invite you to join your child and our staff as we celebrate the start of a new year and a new chapter in your child’s education. This Mass is our special way of welcoming you [...]