Senior Leadership Team

Mrs Rigby

Mrs Rigby joined St John Fisher as Headteacher in September 2017. She has a wealth of experience in Catholic education having been a classroom teacher, Head of Department, Head of Year, Assistant Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher. Mrs Rigby is a Physical Education specialist

Mr Coyle
Deputy Headteacher

Mr Coyle has whole school responsibility for the safeguarding, pastoral care and personal development of pupils within school. He also oversees the SMSC/PSHE/RSE programme and the work of Mrs Drake, SMSC Co-Ordinator, to ensure this curriculum is delivered effectively and appropriately in school. His role also covers Pupil Leadership (Prefects, School Council), staff wellbeing and school communication. He oversees Careers Guidance and Post-16 Transition and Work Experience. He is also responsible for Quality Assurance of pastoral leaders across the school. He is the Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) for safeguarding and liaises with external agencies and providers who support pupils and the school. Mr Coyle manages the pupil movement in/out of our school. He is a science specialist.

Mrs Donlon
Deputy Headteacher

Mrs Donlon has overall responsibility for the quality of our education; the school curriculum (including timetable, options and alternative curriculum pathways) and its delivery, reporting to parents, setting, data management for whole school tracking and target setting. Mrs Donlon manages intervention for achievement across school and works closely with the Exams Officer to ensure our external examination procedures are followed correctly. She is responsible for Quality Assurance of curriculum leaders across the school. She also oversees the work of the Education Visits Co-ordinator. Mrs Donlon is a science specialist

Mr Ryder
Assistant Headteacher

Mr Ryder overall responsibility for Teaching & Learning. This includes literacy and numeracy across the curriculum, assessment and homework. He also oversees the training, support and development of teaching staff to ensure a high-quality experience in the classroom. Mr Ryder is also the lead for Pupil Premium learners. He supports Mrs Stanton (Head of Year 7) with Year 6-7 Transition (pastoral and academic). Mr Ryder is also the SLT link with SENDCo for pupils with Special Educational Needs and oversees Mr Handley (SENDCo) who is the lead contact for Children Looked After (CLA). Mr Ryder is a Physical Education Specialist.

Mr Maw
Assistant Headteacher

Mr Maw has overall responsibility for behaviour and attitudes. He oversees the pastoral care and guidance of Key Stage 3 learners and supports Mr Connelly (Head of Year 8) and Mrs Hanley (Head of Year 9). He is also responsible for attendance and punctuality across school. He manages the school behaviour and rewards systems including the organisation of respite placements and exclusions. Mr Maw is the Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leader (Deputy DSL). He manages the Pastoral Hub staff and the organisation of school transport. Mr Maw is a Physical Education specialist.

Mr Atherton
Business Manager

Mr Atherton has overall responsibility for financial matters in school, personnel, management of premises staff and also the catering and clearing services. He also has overall responsibility for the care and management of the school buildings and grounds and health & safety matters.