At St John Fisher we recognise the importance of recognising and rewarding achievement, effort, progress, participation in sporting and community events and contribution to the life of the school. The school has a strong rewards culture and our aim is for all staff to regularly and consistently praise and reward our pupils whenever they demonstrate good behaviour, effort, commitment and achievement. Rewards are used to encourage and motivate pupils to work hard, reach their potential and achieve.

Pupils may be rewarded for the following:

• Good work & effort
• Positive behaviour for learning
• Positive attitude to learning
• Contribution to and active participation in lessons
• Regular attendance and good punctuality
• Adherence to school rules regarding uniform & appearance
• Involvement in extra-curricular activities
• Contribution to school life
• Progress/improvement
• Demonstrating initiative/enthusiasm/resiliance

Our rewards take a variety of forms and include the following:

• Verbal praise from adults in school
• Postcards or letters sent home
• Teaching and non-teaching staff contacting home – ‘well done phone calls’
• Acknowledgement in assemblies
• Cinema trips
• Certificates and prizes in end-of-term celebration assemblies
• Representing the school as a prefect in Year 11
• Free breakfasts
• Awards Evenings
• Invitation to the annual Summer BBQ
• Invitation to the end of year trip (Alton Towers)
• Invitation to the Year 11 Leavers’ Prom


As part of our rewards provision in school, we operate an achievement points system where staff in their role as Form Tutors and subject teachers issue points to pupils. Each week, Form Tutors may give points for the following:

• 100% attendance and good punctuality
• No teacher signatures on standards cards
• Up to date diaries/planners
• Following school uniform/appearance rules
• Showing good manners and being respectful
• Contribution to school life/community act

All staff may give points for the following:

• Good effort in class/homework
• Good progress in class/homework
• Good/outstanding piece of work
• Participation in and contribution to in lessons
• Involvement in extra-curricular activities
• Prefect contributions
• Borrowing a library book

At the end of each term, a league table is produced for each year group; the ten pupils with the highest number of achievement points receive platinum certificates and are entered into a prize draw for Grand Arcade vouchers. Other pupils are presented with gold, silver and bronze certificates. Over 50% of year groups receive certificates in our celebration assemblies.

Achievement Points Honour Roll


At the end of each term, those pupils with excellent attendance and punctuality receive certificates and are entered into a prize draw for Grand Arcade vouchers. To further encourage good attendance, the form class in each year group with the best attendance are rewarded with Dominos pizzas.

Attendance Awards Roll