Physical Education


The department has a strong team of 6 in the department with a good blend of youth and experience.

Mr. A. Unsworth – Head of Department
Mr A. Ryder – Teacher of Physical Education and Assistant Head Teacher
Mr J. Maw – Teacher of Physical Education and Assistant Head Teacher
Miss B. Millman – Teacher of Physical Education, and Art
Mr. P. Connelly – Teacher of Physical Education and Information Communications and Technology
Mrs. R. Banks – Teacher of Physical Education


The Physical Education Department has a ‘Sport for All and Education for All’ philosophy, it is essential to strive for excellence. We ensure that as a PE department we promote a healthy active lifestyle and sporting opportunities for all, in curriculum and extra-curricular activities.
The PE department aim to provide a program of study that provides a positive learning experience for all students to achieve their full potential. Our aims are:

• To deliver a broad, balanced and inclusive curriculum that is enjoyable, safe and challenging.
• To develop students’ physical and social skills, and personal confidence.
• To develop positive attitudes in students demonstrating and understanding moral values; respect for others and sporting etiquette.
• To offer a variety of extra-curricular activities for students to develop their talents and interests
• To develop student’s knowledge of GCSE theory content.

Learning and Teaching

Physical Education helps pupils develop personally and socially. They work as individuals, in groups and in teams, developing concepts of fairness and of personal and social responsibility. The pupils take on different roles and responsibilities, including leadership, coaching and officiating. Through the range of experiences that PE offers, the pupils learn how to be effective in competitive, creative and challenging situations.

There are many opportunities in PE with a broad and balanced curriculum which is carefully mapped so the correct facilities are used at appropriate times within the year to ensure teaching and learning takes place and participation levels are high.

The department is well resourced for the PE curriculum and has the following facilities:
• Gym
• Sports Hall
• Multi-Games Use Area
• Sports Field (2 rugby and 1 football pitch)
• GCSE PE theory room kitted out with 22 computers
• Hard Courts (2 hard court areas 4 basketball and netball courts)

Enriching learning

The Physical Education department offers a range of enrichment opportunities for all students:
There are a variety of extra-curricular clubs and sports teams open to all pupils in the school and a large number of teams participate in matches against other schools. Teams are entered for local, regional and national competitions/ tournaments in Rugby League/Union, Football, Netball, Hockey, Cross Country, Athletics, Rounders, Dance and Trampolining.

The PE department also hosts an annual Inter-Form sports competitions, Sports Day and opportunities for enrichment trips.
The Cambridge national Sport Studies and AQA GCSE pupils have the opportunity to participate in outdoor adventurous activities such as climbing, kayaking and mountain biking


The department assesses and monitors the progress of every pupil in each unit of work. This is ongoing throughout the unit of work and recorded formally.

Pupils are assessed in the following areas set out by the National Curriculum:

• Outwitting opponents (Games Activities)
• Accurate replication of actions, phrases and sequences (Gymnastic Activities)
• Exploring and communicating ideas, concepts and emotions (Dance Activities)
• Performing at maximum levels in relation to speed, height, distance, strength or accuracy (Athletic Activities)
• Identifying and solving problems to overcome challenges of an adventurous nature, as in life saving and personal survival in swimming and outdoor activities (Outdoor & Adventurous Activities)
• Exercising safely and effectively to improve health and wellbeing (Fitness & Health Activities)

GCSE PE is a two year course and is offered as an option in Year 10. The AQA GCSE PE Syllabus is assessed on the practical performance and a theory examination. The practical assessment is worth 40% and the theory aspect of the course is worth 60% of the final grade and covers a wide variety of topics such as:

Training Methods
Principles of Sport
Factors Affecting Performance
Diet and Nutrition
Health and Safety Aspects of Physical Activity
Media in Sport

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Recent Posts

PE Kit

We are introducing a new modern style PE polo top which is more hard wearing and uses ‘Dri-Technology’ material.

This will be compulsory for new Year 7 students starting in September 2016.

Students in other year groups can continue wearing the current style of polo shirt until it needs replacing.

When a student’s PE polo top needs replacing the new style of shirt is already in stock and is ready to buy from the usual suppliers.

If you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact the PE department.



Girl’s PE Kit

TOP • St John Fisher black and red polo shirt • St John Fisher black and red hooded top

BOTTOMS • Plain black nylon football shorts • Plain black sports socks • Sports trainers (no fashion trainers) • Shin pads (for hockey and football)

OPTIONAL • St John Fisher school tracksuit • Gum shield

Boy’s PE Kit

TOP • St John Fisher black and red polo shirt • St John Fisher black/red reversible rugby shirt

BOTTOMS • Plain black nylon football shorts • Plain black sports socks • Football boots (preferably moulded studs/plastic blades used for both field & astro-turf) • Sports trainers (no fashion trainers) • Shin pads (for football)

OPTIONAL • Gum shield

(In winter pupils can wear suitable hats and gloves for outdoor activities and in the summer months suitable hats and sun cream is recommended)