Mission Statement

St John Fisher is first and foremost a Catholic school. All that is planned is done so in the knowledge of Christ’s teaching and all of our actions are carried out in the sure knowledge of God’s love for every member of our community.

The school’s work is guided by the highest principles. It is our intention that the Catholicity of the school will be seen in our work with all who come into contact with it. Furthermore, at St John Fisher, we are challenged to demonstrate Gospel values in all our actions and relationships with all members of the school community.

The Mission statement at St John Fisher, “Learning together as a community in Christ”, is expressed in the light of our Christian belief in the dignity, worth and uniqueness of each individual person. We strive to ensure that our students experience learning and living within a Catholic atmosphere and always look to further develop the home-school-parish partnership, which is a unique feature of Catholic schools.

Our school aims to cultivate an ethos where we encourage our students to strive for excellence and work to the best of their ability to reach their Godgiven potential.