Message from Mr Ryder

Dear Pupils and parents/carers,

I hope you are all keeping safe and that you have adjusted well to this new way of life.

I would firstly like to say well done to the majority of pupils who have been really responsible and have been working incredibly hard in their studies. Some of the work I have seen has been of a very high standard and I know this is the case for many other teachers as well. Producing quality work now will help you to minimise any gaps in your subject knowledge when we return, which I am sure we are all looking forward to.

The next selection of school work will be sent to your email from your Head of Year on Monday May 4th. Please try to email any complete work from the first collection before this date should be required to. The email will include a collection of one page subject summary sheets of the expected work for each area. The work will be set for the following 4 weeks.

In order to ensure access for all pupils we will also be putting any required files on the ‘pupil dashboard’ as well as the student K:Drive. This way all pupils will be able to access the work regardless of the type of device being used. Further details of how to access the ‘pupil dashboard’ will be sent later this week.

Home Learning
Please remember, we understand that it may not always be possible to complete as much work as you would at school. Time with your family and physical exercise is important too, and can I take this opportunity to thank parents and carers for their continued support from home. Aim to work for a few hours on a routine basis each day to keep your learning going, as much as you can.

Updated home learning resources

Please find below an updated list of additional websites, applications and resources that can be used to supplement the work set from school. Please use these should you complete the work set in a subject area.

OAK National Academy

The new OAK National Academy (Huge resource of over 180 lesson per week)

BBC Bitesize Daily

BBC Bitesize – daily lessons (supporting programmes covering three subjects are on BBC iplayer every day)


EEF supporting daily routine for home learning
YouTube Video


stream an AMAZING collection of books for FREE on your desktop, laptop, phone or tablet here

Class Central

thousands of online courses for free in a wide range of topics


YouTube live streaming lessons – various subjects and topics

Government list of Additional Educational websites for English, Maths, Science, Physical Education, Wellbeing and SEND

Initial distance learning newsletter with additional links to other useful websites

Keep safe and keep learning

Mr Anthony Ryder