Thought for St George’s Day from Chaplain Mrs Donnellan
From St Paul’s Letter to the Romans:
‘If God is for us, who can be against us? Certainly not God, who did not even keep back his own Son, but offered him for us all! He gave us his Son—will he not also freely give us all things? Who, then, will condemn them? Not Christ Jesus, who died, or rather, who was raised to life and is at the right side of God, pleading with him for us!’

St George is famous for the story of him slaying a dragon, though this story didn’t exist until about 800 years after his death! What we definitely know is true about him is that he was a courageous and respected Roman solider, he was part of the elite force that was responsible for protecting the Roman Emperor, a bit like the SAS! However he was a devout Christian and the Emperor was persecuting them. St George loved Jesus more than his power or position so was martyred, his bravery convinced others to become Christians including the Emperor’s wife.
St George’s faith convinced others to believe in Jesus, how does your faith have an effect on others? Why do you think St George gave up his life for his faith in Jesus? Who in the world is suffering and how can we help them? Lord Jesus,
St George’s love for you filled him with joy, courage and strength.
We pray for Christians all over the world who are still being persecuted for their faith in you. Amen.