From our chaplain Mrs Donnellan:
Today is the first day of the Easter Tridumm – the most important days of the year for the Church. It is going to be very different not going to Services and Masses over the next few days. Luckily there are loads of online resources.
Head over to for a blog written by a fellow Chaplain. The Archdiocese of Liverpool has some lovely resources that can be downloaded.
If you would like to watch live streams of services head to
Holy Thursday at 7.00pm;
Good Friday at 3.00pm;
Holy Saturday at 8.00pm;
Easter Sunday at 11.00am
Our local parishes are also live streaming via their facebook pages.
Fr Giorgio @ St Cuthbert’s Liturgy of Holy Thursday at 19:00 Liturgy of Good Friday at 15:00 Holy Saturday at 20:00
Fr O’Shea @ St John’s