This year UK Parliament Week takes place between 2nd and 8th November. This week, students at St John Fisher are learning all about what UK Parliament Week is – inspiring them to tune in, speak up and take part. UK Parliament Week is an annual celebration when people all over the United Kingdom take part in activities to explore the work and role of the UK Parliament and our democracy. During UK Parliament Week young people can learn about how the UK Parliament works, ask the big questions about elections, think critically and debate the issues that are important to them. Mr Burke’s Y11 form, alongside thousands of other schools, museums and faith communities, are taking part in a UK wide conversation about our democracy and our UK Parliament. Students discussed how in England, Wales and Northern Ireland you can register to vote if you are 17 years old (in some cases 16) and that you can vote when you are 18. In a year’s time some of these Y11s may well be voting on matters that will shape the future of our country!