The BBC North West Tonight cameras were at St John Fisher this morning as they previewed the Rugby Union World Cup Final between England and South Africa on Saturday morning. England captain Owen Farrell went to Sacred Heart Primary School and then SJF for two years and the cameras came down to talk to Chair of Governors Mr Mallin. They also talked to the Year Seven pupils about what an inspiration Owen is to them – and they were training on some of the same pitches the England skipper used to play on. Mr Mallin taught Owen from age 4-11 and said: “He was a great boy, a model pupil who worked hard. He used to practice kicking all the time, even at primary school, he was always a good handler of the ball and he had a good rugby brain from a young age. “I have been involved in coaching 55 years and you see some players who should have made it and didn’t for whatever reason but Owen was always likely to make it due to his family background and his dedication. “It will be emotional to watch him on Saturday, I will be very proud, it will be special.” Year Seven pupil Jake said: “I think we are all inspired by Owen Farrell and we will all be watching on Saturday morning and hope England can do it.” The feature on BBC North West Tonight will be on tomorrow night, the programme starts at 6.30pm.