Good Luck to Faith in Year 8 who on Wednesday is off to the SoHo Theatre in London as she has been nominated for a Million Minuets Young People Award.
Faith is fluent in sign language, which she taught herself, and gives up her free time to act as an interpreter for a deaf lady at her local parish church. This sometimes involves her signing from the altar, incorporated into her role as an altar server. She has also signed at school masses and recently signed at the Year 11 Leavers Mass in front of 300 people.
Faith is also on the Alder Hey Children’s Hospital forum to help make changes and improvements at the hospital. This came about because her foster cousin has a tumour which affects his sight and receives treatment at Alder Hey.
Faith wanted to give young people who are going through difficult, painful treatments a voice and ensure that their views were being heard.
The patients are often too ill to contribute to the forum so Faith can act on their behalf, giving up her weekends to travel to Liverpool.
To further aid her foster cousin, Faith learnt braille so that should could help him with his school work.
Faith is a young Lord Mayor of Liverpool and this gives her the chance to help the voices of young people in Wigan be heard further afield.
Faith’s involvement with this has meant that young people could experience different cultures as in her words ‘Wigan can be a forgotten town where young people’s voices go unheard.’