A number of former pupils who are now working in the creative industries kindly agreed to give presentations providing an overview of their work to our Y10 and Y11 GCSE art students.
The speakers were Matthew O’Brien (Architect in Liverpool), Austin Bryant (Tattoo Artist Manchester), Simon Misra (Graphic Designer in Manchester), Dominic Horton (Teacher of Art) and Mischa Sherrington-Bell, studying Mechatronics and Robotics at Leeds University.
“The motivational talk prompted our students to think about their own aspirations and plans for their working lives and encouraged them to work even harder in all subjects to bring their dreams to fruition,” said Head of Art Mrs Gregory.
Here’s the reaction from a selection of our students:
Richard: “I took a lot from the talk as I feel the variety of viewpoints shown were very good. They all gave me good motivation to put the effort in to get good grades. It has made me realise how important these grades are to your whole career.”
Madison: “I enjoyed the talk as it introduced me to new career paths and showed me how art influences the world. I particularly liked the graphic designer as the work was interesting and something I would like to do in the future.”
Jonti: “It was inspiring to hear about the different job opportunities that can come out of art and how willing and determined you need to be for any job that you pursue.”
Mia: “I really thought that it was a very inspirational talk, it was very motivational and interesting to see how far the artists have come.”
Jenna: “I was interested to see the career choices that all the speakers talked about when they were my age. I am inspired to work harder to achieve my targeted grades.”
Shannon: “I have learnt about different jobs that I can get from taking art. It taught me never to give up if I know what I want to do. It showed me the different A level and Degree options to do with art.”
Tom: “I took notice of all the different careers you can pursue by taking art. I didn’t know that you can work with robotics and I didn’t know that becoming an architect took a minimum of 7-8 years of training. I also liked the different types of tattooing that you can do as a tattoo artist.”
Thomas: “I think the talk was useful as it gave us a look inside the different lives’ artist live, compared to each other and how they got there. For example, the tattoo artists v’s the architects life, it showed the different environments they work in.”
Caitlin: “The motivational speeches were inspirational in the aspect of a future in art. All the talks opened a new perspective of art for me. It taught me that you have to keep trying even though you get pushed back from your dreams.”