This year’s Performing Arts visit to London involved 47 Year Nine and Ten students who enjoyed a packed itinerary, taking in the famous sights and landmarks across the capital.

After spending a couple of hours enjoying street theatre and a café culture in Covent Garden, our next stop was The Theatre Royal in Drury Lane, which was venue to ‘Charlie and The Chocolate Factory’. This magical production was enjoyed by pupils and staff alike, with fantastic special effects which left the audience spellbound.

After a good night’s sleep, we waved goodbye to our hotel destined for’ Ripley’s  to take a voyage of discovery through Ripley’s ‘Gallery of the Greats’ where we found collections of amazing art made of unusual materials. This ranged from Michelle Obama made from soda caps to Michael Jackson made of sweets, Kate Middleton made up of lipstick kisses to incredible art made from toast!

Our final port of call was a visit to a musical theatre session to work with professional musical directors. After a few vocal warm ups we were introduced to some of the numbers from the previous night’s performance. It goes without saying that pupils and staff raised the roof as the workshop culminated with a group performance of ‘Pure Imagination’.

Here’s to next year’s Performing Arts trip!!