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Drama stars!

Well done to all those who have sent in their completed drama work over the past 2 weeks. We have received some outstanding research projects, revision resources and performance projects. Remember, if you have chosen to do some of the practical tasks, send your drama teacher a short e-mail outlining what you have been up to. Any issues with the drama work set, you can contact us on We love to see the creativity flourish in our school. You are the Fisher Factor! Happy Easter, stay safe, stay creative [...]

Language stones

Combine your creativity with your knowledge and love of languages. To create your stones, paint them and write a word in Spanish or French. Then, when you go out for a walk with your family, hide them somewhere public for others to find (don’t make them to hard to spot - you want people to find them!) The best way to decorate your stone is by using acrylic paint or Sharpie pens. Then, add a protective layer such as clear nail varnish. Before you hide your stone, send a photo [...]

‘Poisson d’Avril’/French April Fools Day Facts

* * Chocolate fish are enjoyed in France throughout the Easter season and appear on 1 April. * Children play an April Fools Day trick by placing a paper fish on adult’s backs then running away yelling ‘Poisson d'Avril’. * The tradition is several centuries old with some saying it started from unknowing people being sent to market to buy freshwater fish when they were not in season. Some also link it to the zodical sign for Pisces being the fish. * French poet Eloy d'Amerval is noted as in [...]

Thought for Today

From our chaplain Mrs Donnellan Good Morning, If we had been in school today, we would have been having Mass at lunchtime. The Mass was to dedicate our school to Our Lady. Yesterday England was rededicated as the Dowry of Mary. The first dedication was made in 1381 by Richard II. England received the title of Mary’s dowry meaning that England was ‘set aside’ as a gift, a dowry for Our Lady under her protection and guidance. When Jesus was dying on the cross, He gave us Mary, His Mother, [...]

Fifth Sunday of Lent

Fifth Sunday of Lent John 11:1-45 Jesus hears that his friend Lazarus who lives in Bethany is sick. Sadly, by the time Jesus gets there Lazarus is dead and has been buried for four days. Jesus goes to the tomb and asks them to roll away the stone which was blocking the entrance. He tells Lazarus to come out of the tomb. Lazarus walks out, covered in the cloths that he was buried in. Jesus reminds us many times that, if we have faith, nothing is impossible. Martha’s faith is [...]

Pupil Survey

My teachers encourage me to do my best and make progress.
The school encourages me to bring a positive attitude to my learning.
The school teaches me how to stay safe online.
I understand the different types of bullying.
I usually feel safe when I am at school.
I am well looked after at school.
The school teaches its pupils the difference between what is right and what is wrong.
My teachers tell me when they are happy with my work and when I have done well.